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Friday, December 26, 2008

In the Vatican-museum the crest of the Vatican is the oldest and central piece of their collection. Underneath you can see a photo of this...

The crest of the Vatican; the pagan babylonian god 'Marduk'...

In the Vatican museum the crest of the Vatican is the oldest and central piece of their collection. Underneath you can see a photo of this 'icon of the Vatican'...

The crest of the Vatican: 'the serpent-dragon'; it represents the pagan god Marduk from Babylon; Roman Emperor Heliogabalus introduced it to the Roman Empire in the 3rd Century. Just before the Vatican had been formally established by Emperor Constantinus in the early 4th Century with the crest of Marduk. Clearly, the Vatican is the priesthood of Marduk!

Knowing the meaning of the word 'Vatican' no one will be surprised that the crest of the Vatican is 'a serpent-dragon', because that is exactly what the word 'vatican' says it means ánd what our Bible says in Revelation 12:9 'the dragon, the old serpent called devil or satan...'.
Of course there are many more ways to find out the true nature of 'the vatican'...!


Vatican: deception of the highest kind!

Like a true cameleon the opponent of God knows his way through the world and how to deceive mankind not to worship and honour the only true God, but honouring him as god instead. Of course the king of liars and murderers is also very satisfied in keeping people away from God. The devil wants to take as many people as possible with him in his downfall.
In a 'christian-sham-appearance' the lord of darkness speaks through the mouth of the one that calls himself 'replacer of God on Earth':
Fili Vicarus Dei...

Every sincere Christians knows, that only one is the true Comforter of Men and our advisor on this Earth: The Holy Spirit of GOD and no-one else!
Both Vatican and pope go against God's Commandments

The Vaticaan has erased and altered a number of the Commandments of God [read Exodus chapter 20], for instance:
the 4th (Sabbath-) Commandment and the 2nd (Not to make or worship statues-) Commandment.
Instead of the 4th 'Sabbath-Commandment' the pope introduced 'the Sunday'; the holy-day of the trinity-sungod also known under names as: 'Baal, Astarte and Tammuz' or Isis, Horus and Seth (='IHS')
Instead of the 2nd Commandment the pope introduced the making and worshipping and veneration of statues from saints and pagan gods...
Instead of the 1st Commandment the Vatican appoints 'a replacer of God on Earth [=Fili Vicarus Dei]...the pope...

The Roman-catholic-church: pagan and idolatrous Babylon in progress.

To get a clear view on what is really going on in the Roman-catholic-church-system, some supplementary information is needed in order to see what is basically and actually going on in front of everyone. Names, rites, symbols and legends can explain a lot...


Global names of the Babylon-trinity-sungod...

Babylonian sungod-worshipping already exists for thousands of years; to be more exact from right after Noah ended his journey as we told in 'The origin of the trinity' till this moment on. All over the world the sungods are worshipped still. In Masonry, in Buddhism, in Hinduism, Islam, nature-religions and New Age.
The trinity - of which the Trinity has 'spinned-off'- is very famous under the names 'Baal', 'Astarte' and 'Tammuz' of which Baal is 'the Father-God', Astarte is 'the Mother-God' and Tammuz is 'the Son- and reincarnation of Baal'.
Baal is also known as:
Horus [eye in pyramide], Moloch [god of the dead], Buddh, Bel, Bal, Belus, Abir of Aber [=winged-one], Janus or Chaos [in Rome], Kronus [=with horn], knous of Nebrod.
Astarte is also known as:
Isis, Cybele (the goddess with 12 stars; celibacy and shaved head requiered for her priests] Eternal Virgin, Venus (goddess of Love) Laksjmi, Ariadne, Rhea, Goddess or Queen of heaven/the heavens, Goddess of fortresses

Tammuz is also known as:
Daggon [=fish-god], Seth, White Centaur, Ninus (=son), Bacchus, Dyonisses, Cupid, Hercules, Osiris, Son of Aethiops, Kissos

Baby Tammuz in the Vatican-museum
More photo's and explanations on Babylonian-paganism in the churches and world:


Babylonic idolatry in the Roman-catholic church

Mary is worshipped as
'Queen of heaven(s)'= Astarte Mary is worshipped as 'Eternal Virgin' = Astarte Celibacy: priests of Cybele: shaved their heads and kept'celibacy' voor their Goddess = Astarte

Cybele with episcopal 'daggon-hat'...
Daggon-hats [=hats of priests] symbolise 'Daggon' = Tammuz
The Sunday = Holy day of the trinity-sungod (IHS) = Isis, Horus, Seth
Easter comes from the name 'Astarte' = keeping holy time for Astarte
Easter-egg comes from the Chaldean-word 'Egg' of which the legends ay Astarte would have come after the great flood... gekomen
Eucharist = 'to propitiate' = bringing a sacrifice; which is not the same as 'thé Evening Supper', because The Evening Supper is done in rememberance of the crucifiction of Jesus; we do not 'propitiate' anyone nor are we sacrificing 'real meat' of the body of Jesus nor can we 'propitiate' God with perpetual offerings in any way. Jesus already offered himself for sins and Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive now.
Who would be propitiated with a perpetual offering of Jesus?... Only the devil himself would be propitiated!
Also 'the solar-wheel' (round window with spokes), the letters 'IHS' , the hostie-plate with solar-imaging, statues and portraits of
Moloch in church and on church-altars, etc. All mentioned pagan gods, their symbols and rites are found in the Roman-catholic churches; and not in those churches, clothes of priests and in their rites alone...!
Also these pagan rituals and symbols are used in Buddhism [=god Buddh = Baal], Hindu-ism, New Age, Wicca and Masonry; always the same rituals, the same symbols, statues, pictures and titles and stories occur...
In short: Babylon is not dead, but very alive still !!!

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